Wednesday, May 16, 2007

That journey again! And Eva Air is the way to cross the Pacific to Canada!

So we took Eva Air, Taiwan second and smaller airline, to fly to Canada and it was a perfect and cheaper choice for us. The class we took was called Evergreen Deluxe Class, and basically we had business class seat with the economy class trappings, but we are not complaining.
It goes like this! We took a taxi to KLIA and we went straignt to the Eva Air counter and from the word go we were treated with utmost courtesy, politeness and professionalism!
Our seats numbers were 24A and 24F, two seats one by the window and the other the aisle of course. Immediately after taking off the flight attendant came to us to explain what we are going to have for our Muslim Meal (MOML).
Then for four hours we had a fantastic journey to Taipei, no air turbulence and many good movies! When I was hungry I just ask for sandwichess and peanuts and juicess and they came to serve me with a smile even though the English were minimal for the Eva Air flight attendants we communicated very well, and with feelings!
In Taipei the lay over was about three hours and the airport facilities were fantastic! The internet works very well! (Incidently the free computers at KLIA were busted and the keyboards were blanks with the alphabets fading away, and not good for Visit Malaysia Year!)
From Taipei to Vancouver took us about 10hours 20minutes and we slept all through the way, and what a flight it was! Incidently the small Eva Air is givng Cathay Pacific a run for its money I was told, in so far as competition across the Pacific long haul is concerned! People are now fying via Eva Air has increased! Why? Betterr service and genuine smile! Meanwhile in Malaysia and what was once a great airline may run a risk of being, get this, overwhelmed by AirAsia? What a joke!


KH said...

Exactly my experience when I travelled to Canada almost 10 years ago, except that I entered LA and returned thru' Vancouver. I liked the way the stewardesses spoke Mandarin & Taiwanese (which is actually Hokkien). Eva Air was kind enough to allow me to re-route, ever smilingly and at no charge. I was originally booked to fly out thru Frisco but decided to take my wife to visit East Coast before ending up in BC, visiting friends like Ann Thomas & hubby Fabian Dawson who used to work at Vancouver's Province newspaper... and acquaintances at SFU. Yes, EvaAir, part of Evergreen Shipping, is good to fly. BTW: You must enjoy spring in Victoria but the salmon don't run till fall! Oh! I remember Whistler, Banff, Calgary, The Falls, Quebec City... better stop or my nostalgia runneth over :) Cheers KH

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Hei KH! Do I know you?! Went out with Ann and Fabian to Mumbai Masala, a North Indian restaurant at West Van we had good time, Fabian is now the Deputy Group Editor-in-Chief of the Province and he is still the same guy, five of us went out to a nice pub at the Holiday Inn.
Yes, we went up to Grouse Mountain via the cable car and had sumptious dinner, then we visited Lynn Canyon and do the suspension bridge and the weather was great! Cheers!

shanghaistephen said...

Greetings from the warmest and sincere greetings to Jen and Steve and Marion and all the Chubbs ! and also to 'Eva'..heh..heh.!Malaysia is good and in the very capable hands of a good and holy PM...except once in a while he'd have to pretend he is not surrounded by morons in his cabinet...and in the meantime you raise a glass to toast the lovely couple on their big day "saying this toast is from the best person you know in !.Cheers Rusdi !!!

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Stephen Hei!

Thanks buddy! The message is sweet and sincere and I like it! The wedding is coming soon and I am looking forward to it, and convey my best wishes to evryone and see you in Malaysia!

BTW! I do not know how to send comment on to your blogsite with the passwowrd and all!

shanghaistephen said...

The username is the email address you type to get into your blog and your password is the same one you get on when you comment...only sometimes there will be a word verification box to fill... i.e. to see if you know what you are you are out to do and in all sincerity ..hell if I knew what that means !
Cheers mate !

PENCINTA said...

Hi Rusdi, "Selamat Menerima Menantu"
nice to see you blogging. Please elaborate your reading on Ali and Noni by Kurban Said

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Kepada Pencinta!
I read the book a long time ago, however if I want to visit Baku I will flip open a chapter and presto I wil be there!

Ali and Nino (not Noni!) is a book worth reading to underestand the complexity of cultures, written in 1937, strangely enough it is stil relevant today and it has been translalted in over 30 languages! Sad to say the book has not been translated into Bahasa Melayu for the story could still be relevant to us Malaysians! instead of Azerbaijan we can change the venue of the story to Malaysia, Baku to Kuala Lumpur. The preemise of the story is really about a clash of cultureand civilisations and to greata extend religion, Ali represent the great culture of Islam and Nino represents Europe which is culturally and constantly "under siege"! Ali and Nino can also be about the decimation of Bosnians, it can also be about Turkey wanting to be a member of the European Union, about racism and it should be most aptly read by multi-ethnic Malaysians! Good day!

PENCINTA said...

Salam sejahtera,
Thanks Rusdi. After reading Ali dan Nino (versi Indonesia) I come to a conclusion that the book is about the basic differences between East and West, tradition and modernism, race and religion. I agree to your suggestion that every Malaysian should read this book. And more significantly, the issues are extremely relevant to the explosive political and religious situation that we as members of the Malaysian community find ourselves in today. This book has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia in 2004 (PT Serambi Ilmu Semesta, Jakarta)

Why don't you read also Ayat-Ayat Cinta, by Habiburrahman El Shirazy, Ar-Risalah Product Sdn. Bhd, K. Lumpur (2005) to seek some justifications about this matter.

Finally, do we know each other... try to figure out somewhere in 60's between Merual/Galau and Kg. Mertang. Wassalam

Rusdi Mustapha. said...


Obviously we do know each other if you mentioned all those places in Seri Menanti, have a nice day! And no I do not have the time to read the recommended book by you!


Anonymous said...

hi Rusdi,

When are you coming back?


Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Hey Anonymous!

I know you miss me and I will be back immediately after my daughter's wedding, but I will not be able to see since you are anonymous and I don't know who you are! I hope you are Nelly Furtado!


KH said...

Dear Rusdi
How many KHs do you know who served on NST Newsdesk with Fabian over 20 years ago? And who covered Parliament until past midnight during the harrowing Operasi Lallang days?

Do send my regards to Ann, Fabian and the brood... if you are still in Van. Or, please forward their emails to me-lah!

Take care and have a pleasant flight home. :)


Kefira said...

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