Wednesday, May 16, 2007

That journey again! And Eva Air is the way to cross the Pacific to Canada!

So we took Eva Air, Taiwan second and smaller airline, to fly to Canada and it was a perfect and cheaper choice for us. The class we took was called Evergreen Deluxe Class, and basically we had business class seat with the economy class trappings, but we are not complaining.
It goes like this! We took a taxi to KLIA and we went straignt to the Eva Air counter and from the word go we were treated with utmost courtesy, politeness and professionalism!
Our seats numbers were 24A and 24F, two seats one by the window and the other the aisle of course. Immediately after taking off the flight attendant came to us to explain what we are going to have for our Muslim Meal (MOML).
Then for four hours we had a fantastic journey to Taipei, no air turbulence and many good movies! When I was hungry I just ask for sandwichess and peanuts and juicess and they came to serve me with a smile even though the English were minimal for the Eva Air flight attendants we communicated very well, and with feelings!
In Taipei the lay over was about three hours and the airport facilities were fantastic! The internet works very well! (Incidently the free computers at KLIA were busted and the keyboards were blanks with the alphabets fading away, and not good for Visit Malaysia Year!)
From Taipei to Vancouver took us about 10hours 20minutes and we slept all through the way, and what a flight it was! Incidently the small Eva Air is givng Cathay Pacific a run for its money I was told, in so far as competition across the Pacific long haul is concerned! People are now fying via Eva Air has increased! Why? Betterr service and genuine smile! Meanwhile in Malaysia and what was once a great airline may run a risk of being, get this, overwhelmed by AirAsia? What a joke!

Istana Seri Menanti

Istana Seri Menanti
The old Istana which is now a museum.