Sunday, October 28, 2007

Last Raya we were at our jungle hideout! And took some more pictures!

Marion preparing lemang and rendang for dinner, in the jungle!

I just shoot and aim my Canon Powershot to the jungle at the back of the house at night hoping to catch one and sometime two sets of glaring animal eyes, usually wild cats.

My "excalibur" embedded in the ground and whomever can pull it out will become a honourary Moron!

Beautiful morning in my jungle hideout, view from the East!

A rock magpie and they are so tame in my "Garden of Eden" get it, get it!

Can you spot the oriole?! Look closely, and if you can spot it you are already a honourary Moron and you can come and visit us!

Buah pokok beringin banyak macam nak gila, burung pun banyak macam nak gila, actually semua nya macam nak gila bila dia orang datang makan buah buah yang banyak macam nak gila!

Kadang kadang air kat bilik air ni pun sejuk macam nak gila, mandi pun takut!

Just look at the contrast, blue sky green and just nice! Macam nak gila!

You guys should all come and we can sit by the yard at night and smell the night air, it is like mad, you know what I mean!

More blue sky over Montana, oops sorry over Seri Menanti!

Yawn! More Blue sky!

Thought I share some more pictures of our jungle hideout, the weather there was perfect the sky was blue and the air in the morning was clear and crisp. The bright yellow orioles, the rock magpie, a troop of leaf monkey were out, almost a Minangkabau version of the Garden of Eden. Did you know that both Garden of Eden and East of Eden are all about Minangkabau, get it "Eden" get it! Ha ha! Anyway, our pokok beringin behind our little wooden houses are bearing berries and in the morning the chirping of birds will make you wonder about life and how you want to live it!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pistachios: My favourite nuts!


Long time ago when I was first introduced to pistachio nut I was thrilled by the taste, the same way as a sun dried fig thrilled my taste buds.
You may find this strange talking about nuts, but for the longest time I was enthralled, still do, by the power and taste of pistachios! My favourite packet of pistachios come from Tong that I will grab from the counter of every petrol stations that we stopped on the way to somewhere.
I use to think pistachios come from the ground like groundnut, but actually this beautiful and sexy nuts came from a majestic tree that can grow really big and tall.
When I was a journalist I imagined that my editor would call me one day and said: "Rusdi go to Iraq or Iran and do a story on pistachios!" That would have been a great moment in my journalistic career - to write a long piece on pistachios! Alas that was the thing of the past since I will never get the chance to meet eye to eye with a pistachio tree!
BTW! it is fun to write anything that you feel and you do not have to think really hard, on your own blogsite, you do not necessarily have to write about heavy stuff like boring politics.
So guys, try pistachios if you have not and enjoy the day!

Mery Christmas!

Istana Seri Menanti

Istana Seri Menanti
The old Istana which is now a museum.