Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gimp is the love of our life! Anything else can be considered!

Gimp our soul friend and he gives us so much love!


About the only thing that disturbed my recent visit to Canada was the thought of Gimp, our black cat, being in a big cage at the Animal Center in Jalan Ipoh. You see we raised Gimp when he was just a tiny, tiny little kitten that can fit in my hand.

We love the little creature and all the fantastic veterinarians at the center love Gimp too. You see Gimp is diabetic and he needs two shots of insulin a day, he is a premium cat that cost us a lot of money but its worth every sen!

In Canada I will call Dr Sathi every now an then and it was nice to hear his voice stating Gimp is doing well, urinating regularly and his stool is normal! Even though I have this sneaking suspicion that Gimp was not happy to be away from us, nevertheless I found Dr Sathi's voice of reassurance helped me with my stay and away from Gimp.

Well, when we got back and we found Gimp was in bad shape, not that he was not treated well but he simply reacting so badly to our absence and he lost weight and his hair shedded rather badly. Gimp was a pathetic sight of a black cat with white patches, and was very thin, but he was Happy to see us. He reacted to us immediately and one of the sweet vets cried when she saw Gimp perks up. Gimp survived, and he is now normal again and we had to increase his insulin intake.

The secret fear of any vet is that an animal died during his or her watch, so I know all the vets at the center was on the vigil to keep Gimp alive and well until we come home.Guess what I will continue to send Gimp to Jalan Ipoh Animal Center anytime they are so god over there looking after pets!
The truth is pets, if you keep them long enough they will and become part of you that you too have to be responsible for them! As I said Gimp costs us a lot of money but its worth it!

But not much can be said about how we treat out fellow humans, how can we abuse our maid for her to be desperately enough to escape from the 13th floor via a window with knotted bedsheets all the way down to the seven floor and then she froze and thank you to our firemen nearby and an alerted neighbour! The maid had to escape because she was abused by her employer. What possessed her employer to act the way she did to another fellow human is still a mystery, but this much is for sure for I will never take this abusive employer as my pet!

Actually I am more comfortable with animals they just ask for your affection that is all, but mankind today are full of anger and hate just read the papers and watch the news.

On Oprah the other day this guy from Australia standing in a crowd with a placard that says "Hugs for Free" and it took a while but people eventually reacted to him and he received thousands of hugs up to date. So why can't we Malaysians do it!! I believe we have to also hug each other as to minimise our angst and anxiety that we suffer! While at it the Government also need to hug the rakyat by being less rigid with so many antiquated laws when dealing with the rakyat.

I found out the other night a woman who was born Muslim but now practising Hindu and married to a Hindu, had her child taken away when the authority found out she was in fact born a Muslim and she is now being detained had he child taken away and separated from her husband! I believe the power that be has to be more compassionate towards this case as in a long run the government will be loved if it does the right thing to correct the gross human injustice! Find a way, a middle way, but release the woman give back her newborn child and reunite her with her husband! At least if you (the government) are stubborn just think about the general elections!

I am just hugging that all! Cheers!

Istana Seri Menanti

Istana Seri Menanti
The old Istana which is now a museum.