Sunday, December 14, 2008

To the upper reaches of historic Sungai Tembeling

We started at Kuala Tahan

Up river for the next four hours to Kampng Gusai

Final destination Gusai

Healthy water bufallo of Kampung Gusai

Sharing the planet

The only coffee shop at Kampung Gusai where I had nasi dagang in the morning

Orang bateq children

Who is staring at who!

The upper reaches of Sungai Tembeling in early morning where the air is crisp and cool!

Wonder what happens if this planet is rule by water buffallo!

The same river used by the Indian Sepoy employed by the British to quash a rebellion led by legendary Malay warrior Mat Kilau and his followers.
Mat Kilau harassed the British troops in the 18the century in Pahang namely around the Kuala Tahan area near the present day National Park, and Mat Kilau was chased by the British soldiers and the Indian Sepoy, but Mat Kilau fled to Terengganu using the now famous mountainous Mat Kilau Trail.
One day the British tricked Mat Kilau into surrendering, saying they were ready to accept defeat. As usual the Brits reneged on their promise and rounded up Mat Kilau and his followers and kill them.
I was there recently after twenty years, the last time I visited Kampung Bantal, Kampung Mat Daling and Kampung Gusai. Twenty years have not changed the villages for people still bathe by the river and they have to use long boat to get to Jerantut or to Kuala Tahan.
From Kuala Tahan we took a long boat to Kamping Bantal and then to Kampung Gusai. The trip by boat took us about four hours and how I wished there was a road from Kuala Tahan to these villages.
Along the way I took some pictures and would like to share them.

Istana Seri Menanti

Istana Seri Menanti
The old Istana which is now a museum.