Saturday, April 21, 2007

More pictures of my green paradise Part 3!

Anyway while going through my CDs I found more pictures of my little "green paradise".
These pictures were taken between January and May when the lights were just perfect for taking picture.
Notice the pictures with detailed lights from the afternoon and morning sun!
Come sometime after July I will organise a small get together and people will be invited! Yes nature lovers and fresh air breathers are welcomed!
The temperature at this place varies from very cool in the morning and hot from noon until three, then from three onwards it starts to get breezy with as gentle wind blowing from the jungle, never fails!
I normally take my bath before 6.30pm after that the chill from the cold water will seep into my bones! Until then!

P.S. Someone wants to see the inside of the house, well you can see my bedroom with a "katil besi" and when we sleep we open the windows! The other picture is the second house which is a kitchen where we have the fridge, the cooker and cupboard. When we have visitors we "lepak" in this kitchen part of the house. If you see from the outside there are two houses joined together by a walkaway! The first house is our bedroom, and the second house is the kitchen!

Monday, April 9, 2007

More pictures of my little green paradise!

Since there are many out there reacted very positively to my little hideout, here are more pictures! It is really not much of a place, just two very old and rickety houses, and a small chalet in front of it!

These pictures were taken when my daughter came for a visit and we had a big kenduri! Rocky was there and Nuraina and many other friends and ex-friends! I will try to do another kenduri just for bloggers and friends of bloggers! and only genuine people, (so Stephen Francis you can start practising eh! to quote you "he! he!)
The palce is surrounded by greenery and we have Tapir, early in the morn, wild boar, leaf monkeys, they are our friends and that I and my wife love, the houses is being looked after by my relative, and I will call him if we decided to go back for the weekend where he can rake the leaves and mow the lawn, and the best part is the smell of burnt grass and dry leaves when we get there!
We made small rules that no cigarette butts are allowed to be thrown anywhere and no plastic bags are allowed to be thrown anywhere and guests are to dispose their garbage properly in Seri Menanti municipal bin! And again you must be real when you enter my green dimension, for my orang Bunian neighbour will tell me if you are not! Cheers!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Love our river campaign, but raw sewage being dumped into river!


If you drive over the elevated highway from Ampang heading for, say KLCC and before you reach the toll plaza you will be greeted with a hazardous pong, a smell that can even penetrate a well sealed posh cars that Malaysians are fond of showing off!

The smell came from a sewerage treatment pond that apparently has gone busted and now being diverted into the Klang river.

In spite of our economic take off status we still dump our shit into the river and this can pose serious health hazard. Why the Ampang Municipal Council (MPAJ) did not act to arrest the problem is beyond my understanding.

Forget about the government of the day, if our state of health is compromised we might as well close shop as a developing country when we cannot even manage the disposal of our shit! MPAJ please take note that people in Ampang are not happy!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My own green paradise!


My name is Rusdi Mustapha and this is my blog dedicated to mother earth our own spaceship! The picture above is my little hideout in Seri Menanti. It is carved out of a small piece of jungle that I inherited from my late father. At night this place is so cool, temperature wise, and what we normally do is to sit in the yard and listen to the sound of the jungle! (left: my hideout early in the morning covered with mist! Top: front view of my green space during rainy season, my little Suzuki can come in handy, and my eucalyptus tree from Australia is shooting up like hell)

It appears our spaceship is in serious need of a cleaning up, and global warming is for real, it will be a matter of time when the temperature in my little green paradise will rise as it is in places like Fraser Hill and Cameron Highlands.

Anyway back to my little piece of green paradise, in the morning the whole area will be blanketed with mist (kabus), and the sound of birds chirping looking for worms can really cure your heartache and other problems.

From time to time I will show more pictures of my jungle at the back of the house(s).

BTW there are two houses attached by a small anjong, or a bridge or walkaway sort of like the Twin Tower bridge adjoining one to another! One of the houses is about 120 years old and the other is 90 years. I bought these houses from relatives who were leaving for overseas to live and so I asked to buy the old house(s) and they said "sure"!

The idea of buying really old houses is to have the entire frame which are made out of old teak hardwood, the frame can last for ever and ever, so I hope you can enjoy this site dedicated to, as I said, the environement!


Istana Seri Menanti

Istana Seri Menanti
The old Istana which is now a museum.