Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bali again this time for a real rest!

The protector!

The pool...water from the natural spring!

The bed

More of the backyard

The backyard

The porch!

The front

I am now in Ubud and the resort where we are staying is a little heaven on earth, our small resort is smack right near (or middle?) a rice field where there are women still working on the field! Here are some pictures of my Shang-rila!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Special thanksgiving prayer for my late mother at my house in the jungle!

Perfect day for a special prayer for my mum!

In the morning before the kenduri!

No parking space!

People that matter came!

It was a perfect day for a gathering, the weather co-operated the people that matter to me and I expected them to come, they came, and hose whom I thought were my friends came up with all sorts of excuses not to come, and I will deal with them later on in life.
The food was exquisite and I am now thinking of having more gathering in my jungle hideout and I am sure I can find something to celebrate for. Here some of the pictures for you all to enjoy!

Istana Seri Menanti

Istana Seri Menanti
The old Istana which is now a museum.