Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ain't no winter wonderland, for sure!

In summer we played in the backyard!

In summer the yard was green!

In summer we had BBQ on the patio!

A shot taken from my bedroom!

The patio, where all social activity took place in summer!

For me, it ain't no winter wonderland outside at all!

Arrived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, then a transfer to London, Ontario, and the journey was about 25 minutes by a turbo prop. It was bump]y at the lower level but as soon as the plane reached 10,000 feet above sea level it was fine.
From above the whole landscape was covered with snow, and heard over the news many road had to be closed due to blizzard. And it ain't no winter wonderland for sure! But Za and Jen and Steve were ray of sunshine when we arrived, especially Za who said "Hello Atok"!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Seri Menanti hideout again?

The overall view of my kampong!

The view from the front of my hideout!

Taken from the sundeck

Last saturday we were at out jungle hideout and here are some pictures!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ramadhan and that time of the year....!

Oily and fatty food to be avoided, but they do taste good!

A culinary orgy comes fasting month!

We just have to know where to stop! Or is it conditioning!

If you have trouble not to not have this fried noodle and kway teow just imagine them as just maggot in a big wok that wil rot your body!

My childhood days fasting months were times for reflection and a lot of praying at the Kampong Baru mosque. We eat porridge, dates and syrup water and then after the prayer we just ate simple food. But, alas, today Muslims go on a food binge where their health are threatened!

Zahra and I!

Zahra and her Atok!

I never thought I would be a grandfather and let alone a very happy one until I saw Zahra my grandaughter, and she is a bundle of joy we spent a lot of time together this summer!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Japanese on Mayne Island, British Columbia!

The Japanese pioneers of Mayne Island, the second generations were Canadians, but were sent to internment camp during the war!

A plaque to remember the first Japanese pioneers on Mayne island in the 1900!

The famous Japanese Garden on Mayne Island to remember the Japanese families who were victims of war!

Totem poles in remembrance of the Japanese who once settled on Mayne island!

Names of the Japanese families who settled on Mayne island but later placed in an internment camp in the interior of Canada during the second world war

They came as early as 1900 to Mayne Island but when Japanese bombed Pearl harbour they were all rounded up and sent to internment camps until the war is over.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We attended a Discovery Channel premiere at Seri Menanti!

The old palace today is a museum now and last week it was "draped" with the best to look like a very handsome and wise old man of Seri Menanti!

The cover of the Discovery Channel DVD on the Royal Rites!

The gateway into ancient and old Seri Menanti, a "cow-town", notice the old Morris Minor!

We were invited to attend the screening of a documentary on the installations of the Negeri Sembilan ruler's installation and it was great. The show was at the courtyard of the old palace and many nice people came.

Friday, May 21, 2010

I stayed at a longhouse homestay it was very nice!

The guests of Rumah Abel homestay, having breakfast of nasi goreng, half boiled eggs and roti kaya and coffee. Front right is Encik Alfred.

The exterior of Rumah Abel longhouse

The interior of Rumah Abel longhouse.

The hospitable owners of the Longhouse Homestay, Encik Alfred Ngelambung and his wife Siti

It was during the recent by-election that I managed to visit a long house for campaigning and since it was late I was offered a night stay at a longhouse homestay and it was very pleasant.
The Iban owners of the Rumah Abel longhouse, Alfred and his wife Suzanna, were very accommodating ans said they wished more would have come to visit their neck of the wood!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I was in the Kingdom of Cambodia recently!

With Princess Norodom Arunrasmy (middle) and Datuk Kamal Yan , Special Adviser to Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak.

Group photo taken after lunch, by the pool, at the house of Princess Norodom Arunrasmy..

Perfect postcard-picture of what Phnom Penh looks like now. Taken from the hotel window..

The city has been transformed into a real clean city, and by far Cambodia is not and can never be a failed state.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Mother Earth can be protected!

Taken at 10am in the morning in April last year!

Also taken before noon in April last year where you can see the clear unpolluted scene, the green is really green and the sky is really blue!

Taken at five pm in April last year just before the sun goes down notice the lights is slightly orange-y and perfect!

I may not be able to save the entire planet alone (speaking as one who is concern about his environment) but I have succeeded in managing a small acres that I am proud of, we all should and must do it on our own! Above are pictures taken at a different time of the day at my little hideout and the lighting is such a contrast for a (to me) a picture perfect!

Friday, April 30, 2010

I was in the interior of Sarawak it was great!

The magnificent Katibas river in the interior of Sarawak!

Iban hospitality and I forgot the word to describe this tradition it it ngajat if I am not mistaken!

We were welcomed by Iban girls in full traditonal dress!

The interior of the long houses is very long so people can lounge around and very modern and a nice communal living!

Finally I got to visit Iban longhouses, the real longhouses, and I am posting some pictures
during my 400 kilometers trip down and up river Rajang and river Katibas!
The Rejang River was murky but as soon as we veered to the left into Katibas river the water starts to change colour to a dark and not as murky.
The Iban are nice and gentle people I have ever come into contact with and unlike the unprofessional and negative perception of them, they are way better than many of the urban Malaysians I have known.
Hurry up go see and visit them now!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Into the Semai land and loving every minute!

Just nice to take a dip!

We drove gently across the river

My Crocs sandal, clog, slipper, sandal or what?! Anyway the best thing to wear into the jungle!

Trying to imagine what they might possibly be thinking!

Semai children! They speak their own dialect.
Where we pitched our camp, a school football field...

I saw trillions of star that night, including my home planet!

Last week I was driven by Hassan on his Toyota Land Cruiser into two Orang Asli villages, one at Kg Sungai Lenjang and the other at Kampung Titom. It was always a treat to be able to go deep in the jungle sleep in the open air and bathe in the unpolluted crystal clear river. I did all that.
There were about five four-wheel drives on this trip. .
The off road from Betau to these two orang asli villages were not all that far, about 29 kilometres, but the journey was a bit treacherous and it took us about four hours to go that length and comes rainy days you can forget about going in or out, for us city slickers that is.
I am posting few pictures for you people to look at and may be one day decided to go and venture into the green dimension of our beautiful aboriginal people!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The last time I demonstrated was against the Vietnam War!

Malaysians, especially the youths, are angry with crude Australian MPs!

Datuk Rocky leading the Bloggers protesting against Australian MPs interference in Malaysian judicial process!

Datuk Rocky and Bujai and Parpukari!

Bloggers getting ready to walk the talk!

United we stand !

Today for the second times I demonstrated against a foreign government unnecessary involvement in Malaysia's day to day business. A group of Malaysians went over to the Australian High Commission to hand over a protest letter to the High Commissioner Penny William who did not come out to accept the letter from the leader of the demonstrators.
Fifty members of parliament from racist Australia are trying to force Malaysia to succumb to their whims and fancies. No can do!
I will write at great length on my participating in a demonstration against the interference of Australia's MPs in our business in my Malay Mail's column this coming Monday!

Istana Seri Menanti

Istana Seri Menanti
The old Istana which is now a museum.