Sunday, April 4, 2010

Into the Semai land and loving every minute!

Just nice to take a dip!

We drove gently across the river

My Crocs sandal, clog, slipper, sandal or what?! Anyway the best thing to wear into the jungle!

Trying to imagine what they might possibly be thinking!

Semai children! They speak their own dialect.
Where we pitched our camp, a school football field...

I saw trillions of star that night, including my home planet!

Last week I was driven by Hassan on his Toyota Land Cruiser into two Orang Asli villages, one at Kg Sungai Lenjang and the other at Kampung Titom. It was always a treat to be able to go deep in the jungle sleep in the open air and bathe in the unpolluted crystal clear river. I did all that.
There were about five four-wheel drives on this trip. .
The off road from Betau to these two orang asli villages were not all that far, about 29 kilometres, but the journey was a bit treacherous and it took us about four hours to go that length and comes rainy days you can forget about going in or out, for us city slickers that is.
I am posting few pictures for you people to look at and may be one day decided to go and venture into the green dimension of our beautiful aboriginal people!


abdooss said...

WoW! ... More please?

Retrogina said...

How i envy you ;-) Nice Rusdi! I miss camping.

Istana Seri Menanti

Istana Seri Menanti
The old Istana which is now a museum.