Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The last time I demonstrated was against the Vietnam War!

Malaysians, especially the youths, are angry with crude Australian MPs!

Datuk Rocky leading the Bloggers protesting against Australian MPs interference in Malaysian judicial process!

Datuk Rocky and Bujai and Parpukari!

Bloggers getting ready to walk the talk!

United we stand !

Today for the second times I demonstrated against a foreign government unnecessary involvement in Malaysia's day to day business. A group of Malaysians went over to the Australian High Commission to hand over a protest letter to the High Commissioner Penny William who did not come out to accept the letter from the leader of the demonstrators.
Fifty members of parliament from racist Australia are trying to force Malaysia to succumb to their whims and fancies. No can do!
I will write at great length on my participating in a demonstration against the interference of Australia's MPs in our business in my Malay Mail's column this coming Monday!

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Anonymous said...

I thought Tun Mahathir said "demonstrasi jalanan bukan budaya kita", a view echoed by other givernment (BN) leaders. I congratulate you and your fellow bloggers for defying our leaders' strong views.

Thanks and congratulations are also in order to the Police for exercising great restraint and not having to resort to water cannons and tear gas on you, your fellow bloggers, Perkasa, UMNO Youth and other participants of the demonstration. Shouldn't you refer to it as a "rally", rather than a "demonstration"?

sri hartamas

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