Friday, May 21, 2010

I stayed at a longhouse homestay it was very nice!

The guests of Rumah Abel homestay, having breakfast of nasi goreng, half boiled eggs and roti kaya and coffee. Front right is Encik Alfred.

The exterior of Rumah Abel longhouse

The interior of Rumah Abel longhouse.

The hospitable owners of the Longhouse Homestay, Encik Alfred Ngelambung and his wife Siti

It was during the recent by-election that I managed to visit a long house for campaigning and since it was late I was offered a night stay at a longhouse homestay and it was very pleasant.
The Iban owners of the Rumah Abel longhouse, Alfred and his wife Suzanna, were very accommodating ans said they wished more would have come to visit their neck of the wood!

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abdooss said...

Nice people!
Nice place!
Nice pics!

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Istana Seri Menanti
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