Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ramadhan and that time of the year....!

Oily and fatty food to be avoided, but they do taste good!

A culinary orgy comes fasting month!

We just have to know where to stop! Or is it conditioning!

If you have trouble not to not have this fried noodle and kway teow just imagine them as just maggot in a big wok that wil rot your body!

My childhood days fasting months were times for reflection and a lot of praying at the Kampong Baru mosque. We eat porridge, dates and syrup water and then after the prayer we just ate simple food. But, alas, today Muslims go on a food binge where their health are threatened!


Anonymous said...

Oil and fatty foods shouldn't be avoided! The same goes with the koay teow and fried noodle. There's some form of oil in almost all food, even if you don't use oil in your cooking. Fat is one of the things the body needs to function.

Oil and fats don't kill us. Too much of them will. Stop blaming food! There's nothing wrong with them! It's us, dammit! Blame ourselves for overdoing things, instead. Us, over-eating gluttons.

And exercise, for fook's sake! Turn off the TV, put away the remote and get yer lardy a$$ off the couch. Go walk, run or lift something repeatedly!

Foohhh... glad I got that out. I think I should cut down on my sugar intake...

led lights said...

nice posting keep blogging,

LeeSun said...

The pic of oily and fatty foods looks YUMMY!!!!

Arzed said...

they do look like worms and maggots, eeew

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