Saturday, April 21, 2007

More pictures of my green paradise Part 3!

Anyway while going through my CDs I found more pictures of my little "green paradise".
These pictures were taken between January and May when the lights were just perfect for taking picture.
Notice the pictures with detailed lights from the afternoon and morning sun!
Come sometime after July I will organise a small get together and people will be invited! Yes nature lovers and fresh air breathers are welcomed!
The temperature at this place varies from very cool in the morning and hot from noon until three, then from three onwards it starts to get breezy with as gentle wind blowing from the jungle, never fails!
I normally take my bath before 6.30pm after that the chill from the cold water will seep into my bones! Until then!

P.S. Someone wants to see the inside of the house, well you can see my bedroom with a "katil besi" and when we sleep we open the windows! The other picture is the second house which is a kitchen where we have the fridge, the cooker and cupboard. When we have visitors we "lepak" in this kitchen part of the house. If you see from the outside there are two houses joined together by a walkaway! The first house is our bedroom, and the second house is the kitchen!


Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Hei! Biby Cletus nice of you to drop in, the first from Kerala for me and tell me more!

Anonymous said...

Boleh tunjuk bahagian dalam rumah pulak? Ruang tamu, dapur, bilik tidur.....kalau tak keberatan le.

Kat kawasan tu ada streamyx tak?

Anonymous said...

thank you for allowing us went through inside your house. what a spectacular atmosphere u have inside. I can hear the silence, smell the exotic old wooden furniture, feel the gentle silky air.

Thank you.

SP said...

Rusdi, this is an amazing home! I need to come gate crash your party one of these days la!

Rusdi Mustapha. said...


I have a feeling I know you, sure you can be invited, will help if I know your name!

Anonymous said...

Hi, came to your blog through Rocky's. Love the pics and the place looks amazing and therapeutic. You wouldn't be in the homestay programme would you. If so, I would definitely want to stay there with my family.

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Dear JCD, to me the word homestay is synonymous with sampling the way of life of the Maoris,the Zulus, the Australian aborigines, the Hitis, the Ainus of Japan, the Hottentots of S.Africa and other helpless and pathetic lowlife who cannot compete with the modern world of Bill Gates and Manchester United, no I do not associate myself with the ill-advised homestay program of the Ministry of Tourism!
However you and your family are welcome to my green paradise as long as you do not utter the word homestay! Just come and enjoy the green dimension! But of course I have to know who you are and not just JCD! My e-mail address is:!


Anonymous said...

Rusdi, Hi. What an amazingly lovely hideaway in the woods you've got here! Since you already know me and my name, hehe, hope to view the real sruff one fine day. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rusdi,
I will email you, although our annual trip to KL won't be until next Feb. And promise I won't utter that dreaded word to you.

Anonymous said...

Apo kaba oghang Pilah,

I am thoroughly envious. What a lovely little hideout u have. Reminds me of kampung. U got me thinking about going back to Jelebu, n build a house on my mom's land now overgrown with semak.

You are giving me ideas man, and lovely ideas they are. Keep the pics coming and hope to see ju again on Mi Rebus Tuesdays.

Anonymous said...

I m searching for the pictures of Istana Seri Menanti.. come across with ur blog.. love to read your blog.. love to know ur life activities... i will add into my favourite blog.. just to makesure I can read it always...

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Hey Myza!

Just Googledit for images!

Dewangga Sakti said...

Bro Rusdi(or should I call Uncle!he he)
Nice photos!
I love Kuala Pilah!

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say hi :)

Anonymous said...


It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!

Anonymous said...

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