Monday, April 9, 2007

More pictures of my little green paradise!

Since there are many out there reacted very positively to my little hideout, here are more pictures! It is really not much of a place, just two very old and rickety houses, and a small chalet in front of it!

These pictures were taken when my daughter came for a visit and we had a big kenduri! Rocky was there and Nuraina and many other friends and ex-friends! I will try to do another kenduri just for bloggers and friends of bloggers! and only genuine people, (so Stephen Francis you can start practising eh! to quote you "he! he!)
The palce is surrounded by greenery and we have Tapir, early in the morn, wild boar, leaf monkeys, they are our friends and that I and my wife love, the houses is being looked after by my relative, and I will call him if we decided to go back for the weekend where he can rake the leaves and mow the lawn, and the best part is the smell of burnt grass and dry leaves when we get there!
We made small rules that no cigarette butts are allowed to be thrown anywhere and no plastic bags are allowed to be thrown anywhere and guests are to dispose their garbage properly in Seri Menanti municipal bin! And again you must be real when you enter my green dimension, for my orang Bunian neighbour will tell me if you are not! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Overdue, but Congratulations all the same ol' chap! It's good to see you blogging. Looking forward to All-Blogs gathering in Seri Menanti...and its been bookmarked! So keep on posting my friend...



i can see a picture of me holding your grand-niece (or niece)!!!!

so, when can you invite us all there??? it is not "two rickety" houses....

it is so lovely.

wong soga said...

tahniah waghigh!

hehehe... baguih bonar laa ko dah blogging. lamo bonar tak jumpo ko waghigh oi! dah lupo plak den, taun beghapo kito last jumpo... 94/5 kot? zaman lodge bar ler tu... hehehe...

ko email den. buleh mabuk teh tarik! den kek setapak jo. mehla.

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Nuraina a. samad!

It has to be after Jen's wedding, one in May and one in July and after that I am a free man! Yesh! We are going to have a blogger kenduri, with the same set up, that is food and teh tarik to be eagten under a gazebo, except it is going to be smaller one than the last time! Cute picture, there were other pictures but there is always that someone that I hate, with you, so then I found the one with my "anak cucu"!

the Razzler said...

Dear Encik Rusdi

Is your place a resort of sorts? Would love to spend my holidays or weekends there sometime.

I am a nature person, too!! Plus my wifey is totally into environment protection.

I would be most grateful if you could email me more details at:

Regards & have a Nice Day!!

Anonymous said...

Dear the razzler!

No it is not a resort, my friends are always welcome to my hideout, but of course I have to know you before I can invite you and your wife! If you are a blogger you have to register with the blogger association and then you get to know the rest and I have plan to invite my blogger friends for a kenduri very very soon! If you want to know about Blogger Asociation go visit


Anonymous said...

mr rusdi,
i used to work with you at the old Sun. Good to know you dah masuk blogging world.
all the best.

Rusdi Mustapha. said...


Where are you now! Nice to hear from you man!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Ohh Kobau....

We need to set the ground rule, first, before you can get people into your green paradise.

1. Dok ontok ontok
2. Jangan poie dalam utan
3. Jangan usik kobau oghang
4. Jangan buek macam koro (kera)
5. Kono makan apo oghang idang. Omping, kueh sopang, masak lomak kuning, lomang, rondang minang etc


Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Dear bigdogdotcom!

Nice rules eh! But then I will be accused of being a fascist! For now just no cigarettes all over the place, of course there will be ash trays at strategic places, and no unnecessary breathing, and no peeing in the bush of you might pee on orang bunian child playing in the area! Hey actually I cannot wait to see you and the others out there! We will do it soon!

The menu will be:

1.Rendang kacang panjang dengan hati ayam.
2. Ikan sadin dengan belimbing.
3. Ayam masak lemak cili api.
4. Rendang daging.
5. Masak lemak labu.
6. Dan, goring kobis.

For you non-Malay Morons ( to quote another moron Pasquale) who cannot speak or write Bahasa Melayu, trust me the menu is magnifique! The menu is good to have in the jungle setting!


Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Big Dog!

I will also have Kuih Buah Sopang for us!

Shanghai Fish said...

Hey Rusdi,( quote pasquale)
Can I have a fine Yokohama steak -(rare to medium) with poached potato, slice of lemon and asparagus, mushrooms and brussel-sprouts together with a nice pint of icy cold tiger beer in a porceline mug instead of all that junk food you are having ? can I...can I...can I.. ?? pleassssse ! You guys are going to choke on all that 'cilified' stuff...oops..I forgot the way ..AM I invited to this "paradise" of yours ?

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Hei! Stephen ( quote pasquale) I am only inviting Anna! You can forget it man! (he...he...he!)

Anonymous said...

Waghih den,

Kono buek bilo anak kau menikah bulan tujuh nun. Buek kek KL untuk majlis orang ternamo. Tapi kek kampung kono yo buek.

Bantai kobau sekor ko atau poie buek gulai kepalo kambing. Dokek 30 tahun den tak ghaso......

Dulu maso den sisth form diSoromban, banyak kali oghang datang kek den tongah tongah pokan, "Ini anak Yah ko? Ghupo macam Tahir! Kona tak?"

Den jawab "Tak kona!". Memang den tak kona. Maklumlah, sojak den lahir, atuk dan uwan den diam KL dongan Pak Long Tahir den. Mano ado balik balik kampung laie. Kalau ado pun, 5-6 tahun sekali.

Sekarang semuo dah poie. Lagilah den tak kona sedaro. Dokek dokek kona la jugo.

Anyway, its nice to rekindle your heritage.

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

To bigdogdotcom!

For your info the late Tahir Majid and and late father were quite close! However, my late father and his late father (your grandfather) were even closer, thrown in jail together by the British and the Japanese, and they were quite a pair. As I recalled your grandfather was very garang, and had foul temper but he always liked me! During the confrontation I remember my late father and your late grandfather talking about Melayu Raya with a bunch of Soekarno's spies at my house in Kuala Lumpur. Men wearing leather jacket smoking strange smelling cigarette conspiring, found out later it was clove cigarettes!
They were very political and I do not believe they were traitors just a bunch of guys with weird ideas about the "republic" and they were young then!
Yes I remember the printing press near the Anglo-Chinese Club in front of the train station, if I am not mistaken! Big Dog I also remember when our convoy stopped somewhere near Kuantan where my late father, your late grandfather and the late Asri Muda leader of the PMIP all lined up the road side to pee! Come to think of it do remember a lot of things! BTW! I am also related to your grandfather! They were also members of the Kesatuan Melayu Muda!
Cheers Anjing Godang!

Anonymous said...

Pak Lang

Why don't you write about your adventures from Malaysia to Canada?

Loved those stories you used to tell me circa 1984/85, when you bunked in my room in PJ Sec 22.

Say Hi! to Aunty Marion and congrats to Jen. Be nice to the son in law eh!

Salam Amir

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Ini Amir Sufian ko Amir Mahmood? Sure why not, maybe I should write about when I was a hippie!

KEMO SABE said...

Congrats on Jen's wedding, mate. Good to see you're still in one piece. Great blog btw.

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Istana Seri Menanti
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