Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My little green paradise 3. And a new lawn mower!

A baby Dog tooth Cat snake, or its scientific name Boiga Cynodon, came a visitng and we had to push him back to the jungle!
My little hideout and the lawn after being mowed with the new lawn mower
I cannot begin to describe my experience with the jungle and mother nature especially in the morning, it is just nice!
The new lawn mower nicknamed Dusty Springfield!
My friend and caretaker of my jungle huts, Noor.

Last Monday my brother-in-law and I went back to my little hideout after so many months and the two old houses seem to be intact although the sundeck, unfortunately, needs to be fixed because of the sun and the rain that have taken its toll. We may have to strip some of the floor planks and to add new ones!
So the latest addition to my surrounding in the jungle is a new beautiful red Springfield lawn mower with a Braggs-Stratton engine. So when we, the caretaker and I, mowed the lawn it was a breeze compared to the back strapped grass cutter that was, after a while, a drag to operate on with all the vibration on the back can be hazardous to ones health!
With "Dusty", the nickname we gave to our lawnmower after Dusty Springfield, the lawn seemed to be more levelled and clean cut. That was a joy of seeing the lawn in a a jungle in a very civilised condition.
We also had an unexpected visitor in our kitchen, a little baby python and we had to chase it back into the jungle, but otherwise the jungle is still neutral and to be respected.
So here some pictures of my little hideout and my Dusty, and the snake for you all to enjoy!





Dusty Springfied is one of my favorite artistes.
So... why have u named your lawnmower after Dusty?

And that little eeeeky baby...!!!!
I'm geting all geli just looking at it.

But Is till love your hide-out!

Rusdi Mustapha. said...


The reason why I named my lawn mower after Dusty Springfield is because the brand name is "Springfield"!


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Istana Seri Menanti
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