Thursday, May 5, 2011

General elections...Singapore style!

If you hoping to see posters, buntings and symbol of political parties hanging from the highest trees in Singapore at the coming general elections at this island republic you are in for a disappointment.
General elections Singapore style is as banal and as sterile as you can get!
No fanfare or bikers zooming dangerously jeopardising lives.
I, and two other friends, were in Singapore last week to see how this republic was preparing for the coming elections. Being from across the cause way I was anticipating pictures of Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong or Brigadier Lee Hsien Loong to be pasted all along the streets and roads in Singapore well I, we, didn't see it.
Even if there is a posters, very small ones, if you are driving and if you blink you will miss the small PAP posters, but placed at a strategic junctions. So subliminal and yet almost invisible, but the ruling party's symbols are there.
How I wish our general elections can be conducted in such a way. The recent Sarawak state elections saw many plastic posters, banners, and billboards that would be thrown away after the polls.
The thing that we have to learn from Singapore is to be more friendly to the environment and to pollute less and using less resources non-bio-degradable material, as our way of respecting Mother Earth!


Dave Avran said...

But then again, Bang Rusdi - Malaysia wouldn't be Malaysia and our elections wouldn't be elections without all the poster wars, posters plastered on every conceivable surface, flags draped on car bonnets, roundabouts festooned in party colors, garish t-shirts and buttons and of course the many many rumors of conspiracy. Ah do I love thee? Let me count the ballots.

apo-tu-jang said...

Great experience. Elections in Malaysia has been accused for not transparent enough by certain quarters lately. Let look at it!!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a mess politically. But in many ways, Malaysia is more democractic.LKY threatened Singaporeans who made the "mistake" of electing Opposition MPs. There was an outcry and LKY was told/decided to quit as "Minister Mentor".

Dolly said...

I hope elections in our country have less posters and banners...that will results to a very minimal garbage..

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