Saturday, September 15, 2007

You got to see this to believe it!

Me when I was four


My late father said there was this picture of me when I was four wearing the setanjak, or head gear worn by the Yang Di Peruan Besar Tuanku Abdul Rahman that was given to my father for keep sake, as part of the payment after a photo shoot. My father was a photographer.
That same headgear appears on our Malaysian currency as worn by our first King! How about that. The head gear was, as I said, part payment for the photo shoot and it was sure whether the photo taken was meant for the use in our post-independence currency.
The first King and my father they were friends and my late father spoke very fondly of him as "Raja yang baik" a good ruler. So I asked around and lo and behold! My cousin called.
So my cousin called and said he has the picture, I was looking for, of me when I was four wearing that headgear. The picture was taken in front of my mother's house near Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan. I thought I would like to share this picture with my friends. A point of observation, check out my suspender and my shoes, and my cotton shirt and short. And check out my teeth I have a full set, even when I was four I was good looking . Okay enough of me already.




alaaah.... cute nyeee!

Rockybru said...

always thought there was something royally wrong about you. so here it is!
by the way, where is the tanjak now, still in your family's possession?

p.s. my 5-yr old girl thinks your face is cute, lor.
watch it and stay away from her if you want your head to be where it is in order for you to wear the tanjak again.

Shanghai Fish said...

hey rushdi,
at the age of 4 I'd expect you to run around naked or was this photo photoshopped ?? that cartoons in Lat, runny nose,shirtless and a "lastic" round your neck and bulging stones in your pockets..hehe..anyway you look like a little rascal alright !cute in a silly sort of way !
Cheers and "Happy Ramadan".

Anonymous said...

Alamak bro, lu ada gayalah! i wonder if you can take a new picture with the setanjak and post it...

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Tok Mat Hello!

I will look like Salleh Kamil now serious and mean!

Cheers man!

Anonymous said...

So adorable...

And I am reading it fine my friend...

Sorry this is a bit late. The streamyx has gone nuts again at my end.

See ya soon

Just bising said...

Hi Rusdi... might even be the same setanjak immortalised on our currency!


Rusdi Mustapha. said...


Now that you have said it, it was the same one minus the tiara, according to my late father, but now it's gone.
The late Tuanku Abdul Rahman was an Anglophile, was told that he drove to the village and together with my dad they sat on their cricket walking stick and started passing a small flask to each other sipping something, we believe it was soda water!

somboon cheanswaths said...

Yeah, thanks a lot. Now I have to be reminded of yu every time I take a ringgit out of my pocket.

Knights Templar said...

Something is Definately wrong here , a kid that cute and innocent couldn't have grown up into YOU my friend!Mulder and Scully , this ones for u guys.

Umah Papachan said...

Hiiii Rusdi,
Its Umah Papachan from Atlanta GA. USA. How are you and still looking ugly as ever. How in God's name you produced such a good-looking daughter and congratulations to you and your wife. Love your baby pictures.

Hope to hear from you.

Umah Papachan

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

I am glad you finally got out of the country. I hope you are in the country legally and that you now not being held against your will by a syndicate in Atlanta, Georgia, and being used as prostitute! Hei, glad to hear from you, keep in touch!

Umah Papachan said...

Hiii Rusdi,

Still the sarcastic man that I have known you to be. Good to know things have not changed with you despite the age. Yes, I'm legally here quite unlike the illegals that throng thru the border here from Mexico. I wish I was prostituting myself but then I've become more discreet in my taste after seeing how ugly you really are. Very nice home, very Melayu-lah. Where is it anyway?


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