Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We need your support to save Ampang Hills and to save lives!

The green lungs of Ampang started at Menara Mutiara, will be shaved bare by unscrupulous developer and the local authorities are not doing anything to prevent it!

The voice of sometimes helpless citizens pleading for the authorities to help protect their environment from being degraded!

The voice of helpless rakyat!

Hi people!

I received a pamphlet in my mailbox upon arriving home from Singapore and the pamphlet depresses me! After seeing how beautiful and green the island republic is is am now disheartened over the inability for local government to protect taxpayers interest!
In a nutshell, the pamphlet is distributed by a neighbourhood "save our hills" committee set up to prevent a big company from developing a 62.5 acres of forest running from Menara Mutiara in Taman TAR to Jalan Hulu Klang. The proposed project by this company, says the pamphlet, will include 450 units of shop lots and 149 bungalow lots. A group of people have been working tirelessly to ensure any development in the neighbourhood is consistent with the Selangor State and Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) Structure Plans, which is the official guidelines for safe and responsible development.
Just a highlight: the project is on the same unstable hill that caused the collapses of the Highland Towers condominium in 1993 killing many and the home of former Army Chief Tan Sri Ismail in Taman Hillview, killing several of his family member.
The pamphlet also said, the land for the proposed development is even steeper with 70% of the area having slopes higher than 20 degrees. According to the Selangor State Structure Plan, this land is "high risk", meaning it is prone to erosion and landslides, and according to MPAJ's Structure Plan, it is environmentally sensitive and thus should NOT be developed!
In spite of all these expert and scientific finding to prevent more lives from being lost, why is the residents of the areas are still fighting tooth and nail to save the hills, are our authorities too corrupt not to be able to put the minds of the residents at rest as to say "don't worry taxpayers we will not allow any development once and for all on the hills in view our structure plans for developments!".
What can you do! Well just send an email to saveukayhts@email.com with the subject heading "count me in." And to include your name and email address. This will make it easier for the committee to save the hills to keep you informed.
For more check out their website for up-to-date information at: www.nolandslide.org
They need your support to save lives and the environment!



Pasquale said...

Seri Menanti!

It is good that you are voicing concern over possible environmental degradation, and may be Anwar Ibrahim and his lot should focus on this issue, for with environmental degradation and less clean air and oxygen what the use of other worldly possession,like money, gold, houses, second wife, and luxury motorcars etc!
May be all those morons should go off tangent for once and save, for a start, Ampang hills from being destroyed!

Anonymous said...

Seri Menanti thank you!

I am glad somebody is noticing our problem, my friend at Taman Melawati always run a risk of a mudslide when the hill behind her bungalow being stripped bare, an accident waiting to happen, especially this rainy season.

tehsin mukhtar said...

Menyampuk jap...I totally agree with you...after all the hoohaa and numerous disasters and lives lost..it seems money is still the bottom line..feeding the endless greed of the businessmen and politicians...hindsight bukan 20/20 vision macam lagu George Benson...tapi buta!!!!! Blind and uncaring and purposely deaf...itulah yang orang mcm I sebenarnya marah kat gomen ni...blind to the pleas of the people and the rampant and comtinued rape and pillage...mana nak sign up petition nih..ada dak?

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

tehsin mukhtar in my posting there are two e-mail addresses that you can refer to if you want to know more.

tehsin mukhtar said...

done, Rusdi, thanks!

Anonymous said...

May I know if any lawyer be engaged in the Action?
Please refers to the posting in http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2007/12/10/save-taman-melawati-hill/#comments
Key Point is
1) To do a land search to see how and when the land were alienated to the existing land owner. What are the original purpose of the land before converted into Residential land? Have such a conversion beed subjected to public hearing?

2) What are the nearest Residential Projects and their time of approval such that the Structure Plan for those periods to be based on what the Hill was meant for. Not the existing one to be based!!
Are they reserved land?

3) The land alienation should have been done by the State involving also the State Town Planning Department for such a size. See what they have! They must be the first to be responsible before MP AJ.

4) Who is the Developer for this project? Is it one of those developed some of the existing around the hill?

5) Those Tamans should get a site approval plan of their Tamans during the time of their approval to see if anything be said about this hill . Or any missing "reserved land" in the projects.

Hope this helps!

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Dear Rights Seeker,
We are renting and living close to the affected areas, we know some property owners there who are concern about the development and as far as we know they do have lawyers looking after their anxiety!

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