Friday, April 4, 2008

Gimp is a diabetic and we are taking care of him!

His normal routine to sleep on our bed!

His other routine: to bask under the sun!

Gimp is our beloved feline friend and we have been looking after him f0r the past 14 years now that makes him about over 60+-year human age?!
For those of you who know him he is now a diabetic. It happened one year when we were away when five people came to look after him and feed him. We came back he was so fat we had to put him on a very strict diet. He acted very strange for a while after we came back from Canada. A test showed he was diabetic, sigh! So now the routine is one of us has to get up at six every morning to give him the insulin jab, and then again at six-thirty every evening. We now, Marion and I, cannot go on holiday together for one of us has to stay home, we cannot send him to the Vet for a prolonged period for he will be stressed-out if one of us is not around. It would be a miracle if someone among our friends and who love cats and who can stay at our place for the duration of our holiday, if we were to take a holiday, to take care of Gimp. Of course it will not be for free I am willing to pay! Gimp is a very gentle creature, he is a Leo like me.


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Anonymous said...

I thought diabetic cats were rare, heh. I stay with a couple who has 3 old cats, one of them just got diabetes, and needs the insulin jab.

It's hard to part with these furballs once you have had them for so long. :)

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