Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trail of destructions, yet developers and local government refused to spare Ampang Hills!

Residents are against irresponsible developments.

This stretch of green will be strapped bare leaving the hilltop apartment building to fate! and soil erosion!

Residents are actively campaigning against the development.

Local politicians hoping they are more powerful than developers!

They are adamant to win these resident association against the hill development! I am with them!

Local assemblywoman, Elizabeth Wong, making some pertinent points vis-a-vis errant developers! I am with her also!

These house owners paid with their blood sweat and tears and it takes only handful of corrupt people to destroy nice surrounding!

Forgotten yet many misplaced "residents" must also be taken into consideration! They have no where else to go for heaven sake!

Here are some real "statistics" on the trail of destruction and landslides in Ampang-Hulu Klang areas. Yet development in such sensitive hill slopes is still allowed and when will be ever learn!

- Forty-eight people died on December 1993, when a 12-storey Highland Towers hill slopes apartment collapsed. - On May 15 1999, several landslide forced the evacuation of 1000 apartment dwellers at Bukit Antarabangsa. - On November 20, 2002, eight people died when a house of a retired general was swept and crushed by a landslide. - On 31 May 2006 four people died when three blocks of longhouses were swept by a landslide in Kampung Pasir, Hulu Klang.

And yet today a massive mixed developments project were allowed on a 61.54 acre site near Ukay Heightsl where all of the trail of landslides took place.
The residents of the Ukay Heights area are protesting over the mixed development project that will see a massive retaining walls will be erected behind their apartments and houses and are trying very hard to tell the local and state government to help.
"It will be like a huge wall that you see in the Gaza Strip that separate Jews and Arabs, and on top of that any development along that ridge is by far one of the most dangerous project ever to be attempted or undertaken by any idiot developer," said Mr Eng, a resident.
The fear is if a massive landslide that will surely impacted residents living down below.
At today's meeting it6 was attended by Selangor state government exco member, Elizabeth Wong, who said while past green light given on any development by the previous government could not be rescinded, but the matter will be looked into properly.
"We cannot simply cancelled previous decisions made, but we are going to look into the matter properly," she said.

One resident said developers in Malaysia are like drug pushers, they do not care how many people will die as long as they can develop and make money.


Anonymous said...

Hello Seri Menanti
I arrived late for the save Ampang Hills session and missed the proceedings. May I have your permission to post your piece on

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

u-chen by all mean please do!

tehsin mukhtar said...

One word Rusdi.

Gila babi punya manusia kat MPAJ and developers...

The end.


Anonymous said...

Rusdi, I love the Ampang Hills & I hope your protest will put the light on local corrupt developers & MPAJ. You should name and shame the developers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rusdi,
I think you put up a great piece here highlighting the plight of us Ampang folks. A huge thanks! Let's keep Ampang green, and save lives!
Ampang Hills resident

Anonymous said...

Hi Rusdi,

I hope that through your blog,more people will be aware that:

Monster Mom said...

Hope that this protest after protest will work out in the end....

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Taman TAR for 17 years and all my foreign friends and relatives comment that there is no other place to live in Malaysia than Taman TAR! In fact, if given a choice to retire in Malaysia they say that is where they will live! So let's go on fighting this cause to preserve our hills, which ironically are older than the people who approve the hill projects!

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