Saturday, September 6, 2008

Obama: The next President of the world!

(This what I wrote back in January)


I still remember my late father exclaiming in distress: "Oh my God! They shot Kennedy!" when JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. I was just a young kid then and I could not understand it, but I do now. I do now understand how a symbiotic relationships that is crucial to a survival of anything, especially between countries.
Malaysia could not have survive alone with Indonesia during the confrontation, if the Western power did not come to its aid. Malayan would speaking Japanese if it was not for the Allied forces defeating the Japanese, not that I mind if we speak any other language of colonisation, as it is today Malaysians speak English, but you know what I mean. We are talking about someone helping us to preserve our way of life.
Enough deviation already, but Barack Obama will bring fresh hopes for the world to live in peace, Republican right wing policy must be defeated. Like Kennedy, Obama is now touted as the future leader of the rest of the world, why? Because, America under any loony toon as a leader can just order the cruise missiles to be fired at anyone or at any country that is deemed as being "against us", to quote Bush Junior.
I just hope that Barack Obama will be THE candidate for the democratic party for the next US president comes the US presidential elections this November.

Good luck to you sir !


Anonymous said...

Wow Rusdi are you censoring my comments over you approval of Barack Obama.

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Umah I never receive your "comment" so how can I censor it?!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rusdi. I was kinda worried. My apologies.
Here's my comment on you endorsing Obama.
Obama's socialist polices are attacks on big corporations that rack in billions so they are seen as big bad corporations. They make billions of dollars but they provide jobs for millions of people all over the world. Let's take the profits of big oil companies. Take a look at what their profits are & what their profit margins are. There is a difference. Their investment run into millions of dollar. Let's provide universal healthcare for Americans. Universal health care costs billions of dollars, & these costs will keep rising. Take a hard look at Britain's NHS. They are inefficient, escalating costs, rationing of services, dirty & filthy kitchens, spread of MRSA & overworked nurses & doctors. This has been going in Britain for so long. Nothing has been done to repair it. Because the Labour government wants to make people reliant on the government. Self-sufficiency & the nanny state mentality is Labour's policies and that of Obama. Make people reliant on government handouts will ensure the Democrats and Labour will be in power will kill the economy & burdening the taxpayers with higher taxes. This is what Britain is all about higher taxes and people living off the dole.
Obama's speeches has been nothing more than doom & gloom, class war, higher taxes, giving illegals amnesty. He has no experience in foreign policies nor any experience in governing a state. He's riding on his skin colour. Liberals want to show the rest of the world that USA is no longer a racist country. Do you really think, you can stamp out racism? Malaysia is feeling the pangs of racism, its been seething for a long time now.
I could go on Rusdi. But I shall stop now.
Sorry again.

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Umah, if I do not know you I will surely dump your comment in a bin.
First of all Obama is an American presidential candidate who happens to be black, unlike the former Black American candidate for president Rev. Jesse Jackson!
Second, Obama has a grasp of foreign policy by admitting Bush's mistake in Iraq where hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost over non existent WMD, of course you know that.
Forget about terms such as big tax cut, big corporation and oil companies, but under Obama the people will be empowered, unlike under Bush where people means nothing!
I do not know whether you are in America legally or illegally, but you sound like one of those typical South Asian immigrants who is so gung ho about your new environment with out daring to criticise the present administration, or at best your type will support the winner like Obama, when he wins!
Lastly, Malaysia is nothing like the US, here your "people" are doing so well and I failed to understand why people are so ungrateful when life is good in Malaysia! So Umah come back before you are forcibaly deported!
Cheers my whore!

Anonymous said...

Rusdi, if I don't know who you are, I would call you a whore as well. No, I'm not gung-ho about my new country but politics here in the USA is more democratic than in M'sia. May I tell you what M'sia has. Censorship, lack of transparency, corruption in politics and police, scandals, racism, NEP policies and higher prices are affecting the average M'sian. Tell me of an independent study done by any local economist to show how the average M'sian is not affected by higher prices. Life may be good in M'sia which I think is a superficial farce but we have problems. As for Obama, he has criticised Bush's foreign policies esp. the Irag war and the loss of life and non-existent of WMD. But his "experience on foreign policies" does not spell into real experience. He was a senator. He even suggested in one presidential debate that USA should invade Pakistan to root out Osama bin Laden. That comment got him a alot of criticism for his obvious lack of foreign policy experience. How do you suppose he intends to empower the American people? He intends to empower them by his socialists agenda. Making big government even bigger, slapping higher taxes and taking profits from big bad companies and oil companies. What he does not tell you is these big bad companies pay billions of dollars to the USA government via taxes. I don't support Obama. He like Hillary-beast is a danger to America.
Do not assume that M'sians who live abroad are ungrateful. I was grateful when I was living at home but also disenchanted with the politics and economy in M'sia.
Rusdi, if you want to have a discussion let's keep personal attacks out of this debate.

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Yea yea! You super-patriotic "new- American"!!
If you think America is so democratic how do you account for Blacks in Florida were not allowed to vote in the last presidential elections? Of course you have to overlook that since you are so overwhelmed with the USA. What about Hurricane Katarina where majority of the Black victims were ignored and many died in their temporary shelter, some say the situation would have been different if they were whites!
Umah, let me predict! You will be back to your country of birth that you describe as a "cesspools" of many thing, say, in five years?! Or less!
Okay I apologise for calling you a whore!


Anonymous said...

Ok Rusdi, I don't have information on the blacks who didn't vote in the last presidential elections in Florida. But I do know about New Orleans and the poor blacks who died and were left to rot in the cesspool of that city. The Democrat Mayor Ray Nagins and his Democrat governor, were told by the federal government to evacuate the city because the hurricane was a mighty mother lode. They ignored the pleas. Many blacks who live in New Orleans are poor, live off government welfare and are mostly criminals. I know its the stereotype but these are facts. The poor in America are lazy, fat, uneducated, have 2 cars, own their own house and have a cable television. Take note, New Orleans does have a high crime rate. When we visited New Orleans we were told not go to certain areas because of the high crime rate. Many of the blacks in New Orleans also refused to leave the city despite being told to do so and assistance would be given to them. But due to the inept & corrupt Democrat Mayor and Governor they didn't do it on time. School buses were waiting to bus them out. Instead they were shoved into the stadiums where mayhem broke out because many of these poor blacks have guns. Many other residents in New Orleans evacuated the city using their own initiative but the poor blacks lack or unable to use their own initiative & resourcefulness were left to fend for themselves. Because they always expect the government to bail them out in times of trouble and will always expect the government to do so. Oh its for votes. The stupidity of the Mayor and the Governor exacerbated the problem not only for the blacks but they left many of the old folks' homes and hospitals in dire straits. They didn't have a plan for evacuation. The other States that were affected by the Hurricane Katrina did evacuate the city. How is that these States did better because they are not as corrupt like the city of New Orleans. Take note, many States in the South have a large black population. Florida gets hit by hurricanes for years yet they are better able to deal with nature's most fearsome wrath. So Rusdi, get your facts right about the poor blacks in the USA.
Another thing, when these poor blacks were evacuated into other States like Texas, crime rates soared quite suddenly. Even today, many of these poor blacks who are living in Fema trailers are still living there while other residents who are more self-reliant and not dependent on government handouts are putting their lives back to together. The poor in America are not poor like in M'sia or Africa. They have food, shelter, clothing, welfare cheques in the mail every month. They don't have to work hard and pay their taxes. So don't tell me about the poor in America and bring in the victim mentality of the poor blacks. They are not poor; just lazy, idiots and too lazy to go to school. Blacks in the USA have the highest rate of school-drop out next to Hispanics and they also come from single families. The breakdown in the family cohesion have caused many problems in black families, resulting in criminal behaviour. Even Bill Cosby has come out and criticised his own black community; he says they are to blame for their own problems. High rate of teen pregnancy among blacks, dropping out of school and the breakdown of the family values.
Cheers Rusdi. Can't wait for your liberal tirade about big bad America.

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Umah Papachan I am disappointed with you! The thing you must try to understand is why are people, blacks especially, made to be poor in USA, not what became of them when they are poor!
I am surprise that you fall for the stereotype of black people and not understanding why they are at the bottom of the "food chain" in the USA!
As a recent person live in America, you are so defensive but about what?! Are you trying to get in a good book of the Immigration and Naturalisation Dept. with your stereotypical aberration of the Black people, you should go to the biggest Hindu temple in Florida and pray there for your soul which to my mind has gone awry with your newly found environment! Or come back to Jalan Hulu Klang to pray at your Rajeswary Temple! I am serious!
Cheers my slut!

Anonymous said...

Oi,Rusdi, I think you need to get your head out of arse! You are reading too many left-wing looney websites. To say that blacks are at the "bottom of the food chain" is so insulting to them. That they might send you some serious nasty replies.
Cheers whore!
P.S.I'm bored! Can we move on to something else?

Anonymous said...

Dear Rusdi,

The fight is still on! Clinton and Obama will be battling for a little while more. It's not over yet.

Haven't seen this kind of drama in a long time. I am keeping my fingers crossed and I am not telling!

Anonymous said...

The elections are over ... life goes on. Everything shall be as it is supposed to be. We shall see what the next four years bring.

Anonymous said...

You ugly whore,

The hope,change, bipartisan, change in Washington politics and transparency that Obama promised is turning out to be crap. He just appointed a "tax cheat" Timothy Geithner and his Secty of State Hillary Clinton whose Husband received millions of dollars from Arabs nations & dictators for his Foundation. Plenty of conflict of interest. In fact his whole team are Clinton retreads.

How is that change. How is going to bring hope & change to the world. i guess he's going to wave his magic wand and sing.

Even though he signed an executive order to close Gitmo within a year. He won't do it. 17 former-Gitmos are back in with al Qaeda.

And because Americans will raise hell with their Senators.

He has overturned Bush's abortion policies in international aid. So he promotes abortion among poor & black people. And Obama is supposedly transformational and hope. When he wants to kill the unborn.

The problem is there's great expectations for him to change the world. Question will be live up to it. Or will he fail. He has said that he may not fulfill all the promises he made during his campaign becuz of the recession here.

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