Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weekend at my jungle retreat with my favourite people...twenty five of them!

My jungle retreat where twenty of my kinfolks gathered for a sleep over, barbecue, story-telling and a walk in the jungle!

Iman Azura and Ika, my nieces finally went to bed at three in the morning.

The early risers, two of my brattiest grand nieces Anis(in white) and Sarah (in red).

My other grand-nieces Faris and Shahira. Shahira asked: "Tok Lang what are you doing!" and I said: "Shhhhhh! I just want to embarrass you parents to the world!" She said: "Okay!"

The two brats again!

Spill over in a tents!

My cute niece Iman Azura and her favourite uncle!

Thats all we did eat!

It took me months to gather twenty five member of my family, including my 89-year-old mother Siti Awa Jaman, at our jungle retreat and finally two weekends ago I pulled it off. They came and they slept by the verandah on the kitchen floor and they love it.
One of my cute nieces, Roza, said just moved the coffee table and the sofas and "let sleep on the floor, as long as there bare no creepy crawlies," she said.
Five slept on the serambi using army cots and the rest in the kitchen, and many more in a pop tent.
So we barbecue chicken, beef, fish, hot dogs, corns, beef burger and we also barbecue vegetable such as aubergines (terong), ladyfingers. Oh yes we also barbecue one of littlest member of our just joking!
At night we were telling stories and once in a while we ill jump when we hear strange noises coming at the back in the jungle. So the verdict? They all want to do it again. Enjoy the pictures!



Anonymous said...

dah sebulan lobeh sonyap. ni tibo-tibo ado balik.

lain kali nak masuk utan, ajak la den skali...

melayuangkat said...

Salam Saudara,

Happy for you and your big family for this gathering.


Anonymous said...

Well at least your have a jungle retreat la bang. As for my kampung, where the tin mine tailings galore, is no more due to development. Now my kampung is filled with terrace and bungalows. Gone are the mata air, the waterfalls, the green jungle, estates etc all gone. How I wish I was not born so close to KL or Putrajaya. The price of development, they say. Wish I had a place to call my kampung and a place to run to when things really stress you up. Sigh!

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Ret of the landoftinminetailings anytime you and your family want to go visit my kampung and stay there overnight ot two ot three just let me know! I am serious! But you are not allowed to built a kuil there, because the orang bunian may not allow it! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

How come no beers, GNT and wine bro....sudah insaf kah?

Anyway, good that you have a family bond going on. Nowdays, people dont even care about family institution. Cheers to a great family gathering mate!

Anonymous said...

Teringat kat rumah atuk aku kat Montana.

Anonymous said...

Rusdi, hang punya anaconda semua dah mampuih kena parasit...-ROZAID.

glassman said...

Assalaamualaikom, maafkan kerana menceroboh, tapi saya terjumpa, er terlangkah ke sini melalui blog rocky's bru.

Seronok tengok kampung2 dan istana. Saya pernah sampai di Istana Seri Menanti cuma sekali. hampir2 20 tahun lepas.

Saya kurang pasti, adakah Tuan menyediakan khidmat pelancungan? Maaf ya kalau salah.

Sekian terima kasih.

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

glassman, so far it is just a private hideout for family members and friends have never thought of offering a tourism deal to the public, thanks for visiting!

Istana Seri Menanti

Istana Seri Menanti
The old Istana which is now a museum.